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, heading towards hop yard, dublin pleasanton towards livermore that whole area seeing some of the better radar returns out of the sunol towards milpitas, east brokaw, sierra, some of the better radar returns there. down 17 or 9 or 85, saratoga avenue towards meridian that's where the best radar returns are. in a bigger perspective, north bay starting to clear a little all of us will see the end of the steady rain by the end of the commute. at the coast partly sunny near 60 the rest of us mid to upper 60s with a stray shower possible this afternoon. steady rain now. >>> unfortunately, when we have slick roads like this solo spin-outs are the norm we have several now. live shout of south 101 tail lights past civic center up toward lincoln central san rafael flight through northern and southern marin westbound 580 past north livermore accident you can see red sensors in between, slowing past the scene there. north 880 ramp to montague san jose that ramp is blocked with an accident. new accident the rain through the san ramon tri-valley area north 680 at treat. >>> police trying to determine
there to the dublin pleasanton interchange, 32 minutes out of tracy add another 15 minutes on to that drive. a stall out of lanes southbound 880 at tennison in the fremont area. >>> 6:10. costco says more customers shopped at its stores in october. the chain says sales jumped 7% last month, part of the reason, more people flocked to costco hoping to save a few cents on gasoline. costco plans on opening 10 new stores across the country by the end of the year. >>> cell phone reception still spotty across the east coast due to superstorm sandy. two carriers are teaming up to improve service in new york people without power crowded around the power strip to charge their phones. now, at&t and t-mobile will share networks customers will be able to connect with which ever has the strongest signal. >>> november 1st, do you know what this means? >> what? >> it means illegal woodburning is getting more expensive starting today. we'll tell you about that. >>> [ inaudible ] >>> we were -- you guys never gave up, never. i want to salute you guys. i want to salute to you guys because you guys >>> welcome back. 6:
on the dublin pleasanton interchange, big rig leaking fuel, cleanup crews there, very slow up and over through livermore, bart would be your best alternate to get around this from the central valley, multiple reports of problems on 880 at 23rd, high with a stall and accident serious multi-car accident three lanes blocked westbound 84 off the dumbarton at newark boulevard, southbound 680 mission accident, southbound 680 at 84 an accident tough drive all around the bay area this morning i am >>> -- this morning. >>> kira klapper live in los gatos. >> reporter: >> we can hear keira but we can see the story, the rain is coming down heavy, coming down side ways in the south bay they have lots of power outages 15,000 total around the bay area,, waking up without power are more than 4800 customers don't have electricity in san mateo county, nearly 4,000 in marin county. in santa clara county, 2500 customers tone have power, more than 1800 in napa county, there's the -- big ones massive tree fell across a busy road in mill valley this morning. >> between 2 a.m. on to miller avenue. we want to show you
the altamont pass less than 15 minutes into the dublin pleasanton interchange. all mass transit at this hour everybody is up and out and on schedule. >>> 5:10. >> are you trying to stretch your holiday budget? you may have all the cash you need hiding in your jewelry case. >> next, michael finney shows you how to turn unused >>> a look from our roof cam to the embarcadero center, ferry building, bay bridge clear, not much to talk about rain-wise yet. this time tomorrow that should look wet in fact we have a lot of rain coming in friday, saturday, sunday i'll map out your weekend forecast in a minute. >>> 5:13. this morning police in san rafael are searching for an armed man who chose the wrong house to break into. it happened late tuesday night at an apartment in the 200 block of playa delray. two teenaged girls who live there fought the prowler off with a knife while calling 911. the man ran off he received substantial facial injuries and possible stab wounds to the upper body. hospitals are being warned in case he shows up, described as his pan knicks, 19 to 20, 5 -- hispanic, 19 two 20, -
into the dublin pleasanton area crowded, still at the limit less than 15 minutes. all mass transit great way to go, no delays with bart, muni, caltrain or any other mass transit. good drive for your monday morning, wherever you may be headed. >> 5:09. >>> next a small plane headed from the bay area to southern california crashes near a college campus. how good samaritans sprung into action to rescue the two onboard. >>> recovering from superstorm sandy the important train link running again one month after the hurricane. >> here's america's money report. >> >> good morning. nearly 2/3 of us went shopping over the weekend either in person or online, spending more than $400 a piece. president obama was among those observing small business saturday, visiting a bookstore in northern virginia many other shoppers chose the more relaxed independent stores if you buy all the gifts of 12 days of christmas song it will cost more than $107,000 this year, 6% more than last year. partridge and pear tree, just $15. twilight saga picking up another 64 million dollars during the long >>> a plane on its way from n
the altamont pass speeds pick up and it is still about a 15 minute drive into the dublin pleasanton interchange. westbound 4 big rig caught on fire off to the shoulder waiting for a tow truck. you can see by the yellow sensors, traffic is slow out of the antioch westbound. first reports of a stall coming into san francisco north 101 vermont, a taxi stalled in the right lane. >>> 5:21. >>> next iphone regains dominance on the marketplace as it prepares to unveil new additions this week. >>> grand finale for "dancing with the stars." we'll tell you who took home the trophy last night. >>> today on katie -- [ inaudible ] >>> good morning. both sides of the bay the bay bridge and east bay just starring to get wet with sprinkles and rain moving into the south bay a little. >>> where is the rain now? >> heaviest rain in the north bay this is a loop we are going to stop it, yellows here from sea ranch to fort ross through bodega bay also right here are the winds gusting in excess of 30 miles an hour. wet weather, the heaviest offshore and the lighter rain from highway 101, san rafael, cortamadera into
into the dublin pleasanton interchange. all mass transit, grey way to go everybody is on schedule. >>> -- 5:10. one of the nation's most decorated generals comes to the defense of david petraeus. next, why he says the other woman is to blame. >>> legacy "star wars" director george lucascus >>> good morning, 5:13. live look from mount sutro towards san francisco, you may run into an isolated shower this morning. the heavier rain will come this afternoon. meteorologist lisa argen is watching live doppler. >>> man in custody near sacramento charged with the murder of an animal control officer in the town halfway between stockton and sacramento the unarmed officer went to the home of a man evicted yesterday who said he had no place to keep his animals. as the officer approached a shotgun blast tore through the door. the gunman is believed to be the evicted man. the house was supposed to have been empty. >>> general petraeus has admitted to a close friend that he screwed up royally in his affair with paula broadwell. he confided in an old army friend retired general shelton, according to him, pe
kitchen with some facilitating people in dublin, livermore and pleasanton feeding those in need for years. but a big problem we have had is no place to sort donations so today, voila, brand-new grand opening. linda, tell us about it. >> well, we have collaborated with the city of pleasanton, dublin and livermore and safeway to bring this all to a new storage facility for many, many nonprofits in our area. >> scott today a special day for the district. >> we have traditionally since 2007 needed this space and to come together with the cities and safeway, it's been a great experience. it shows what happens when the private sector and the public sector work together. >> what is the greatest need this year? because right down the street is the paragon mall. i saw the line-up for people just trying to spend money. tell me how great the need is for food this year. >> we're short over 400 turkeys and we're also short canned vegetables so it is very large this year. >> reporter: put a face on the need this year. >> we have families, local families, that are in need. they have lost their jobs or t
pass and the dublin- pleasanton area. this is a live look at the nimitz past the coliseum. 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. and traveling down towards milpitas, it looks okay now for silicon valley commuters. flooding around hospital curve approaching paul avenue. chp may have just cleared it. we may be seeing improvement in the southbound lanes. we were watching fender-benders earlier northbound 280 heading into san francisco. one approaching mariposa, another one approaching cesar chavez. if there is any activity it's off to the right-hand shoulder. mass transit a great option on wet days like this. so far everything is off to a great start for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> wet weather may have played a role in an accident that injured two santa rosa young trick or treaters around 7:30 last night at north dutton avenue and west 8th street up north. police say a 10-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl were in a crosswalk slightly ahead of the parents when they were struck by a car. the drive did cooperate with the police there. -- of the d
minute drive from the altamont pass dublin pleasanton stall right lane southbound 880 at high blocking, 10 to 15 minutes on richmond from fremont, richmond and millbrae directions due to insulation on the tracks they are working to clear out. >>> 5:12. >>> next, where you can get a flu shot today. best of all, it is free. >>> a man who started his own university in ghana gets a prestigious bay [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin >>> welcome back. 5:15. the embarcadero residual moisture, rain now? no. fog around novato 3/4 mile visibility. watch out for that. cool this morning 5 to 15° cooler than yesterday. complete frosty forecast in a second. >>> 5:16. another first for san francisco, it will be the first u.s. city t
, novato, petaluma, all soggy. almost down to dublin, pleasanton, and livermore, and the showers have not made it to sunnyvale, san jose. everything moving from the north to the south. we'll talk more coming up. >>> cities and towns along the atlantic coast continue to dry out and take stock in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> in new york, the sun finally came out today and public transit sputtered back to life. the biggest challenge right now is pump th flood water out of -- pumping the flood water out of tunnels. >> i instituted a 15 minute rule on my team. you return everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes. whether it's the mayor's, the governor's, county official, if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes. >> and the amazing numbers are coming in as well. six million people in 13 states still without power tonight. 68 deaths blamed on the storm. and insurance companies say they've got more than 30,000 claims already. >>> on long beach island in new jersey, homes built on the water are in shambles. and the dunes built to protect the houses ended up in the streets. bo
of the central valley good. still under 15 minutes to the dublin pleasanton interchange. roadwork on dumbarton westbound until 5:00 this morning minor slowing towards menlo park area. >>> 4:41. >>> unkwraoeubl -- >>> here's this morning's tech bites. >>> microsoft could soon be able for ios and android devices next year new app will allow users to view word, power point and excel documents at&t making investment in wireless networks, the company will spend 14 billion dollars to expand 4g lt network. easier to get digital copies of your favorite comic books as of yesterday dc comics available to download directly from the store on your ipad, kindle or nook. bentley has developed a car for the multi-tasker, three tv screens, two ipad docking >>> the search is on for a gunman who shot at a deputy in monterey county the deputy was behind the wheel of her patrol car when somebody shot out the rear window of her car. it happened around 4:30 p.m. yesterday. a piece before flying glass cut the deputy in the back of the neck. she is expected to be fine. >>> the moraga school district changing tactics i
4, out of the central valley everything at the limit, less than 15 minutes up and over the dublin pleasanton area. >>> the man charged in the colorado theater massacre was supposed to be in court today. he's in the hospital. we'll tell you why. >>> better news for college grads especially with certain degrees why they may be how far will people go to relieve their sore throat? try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. >>> here's a look from sutro tower looking back to the east clear, no need to worry about rain now we have a renegade shower or two possible this afternoon and a lot of wet weather friday, saturday, sunday. more news from kristen. >>> 4:41. the man charged in the colorado movie theater massacre has managed to keep himself out of the courtroom this morning. he was taken to a hospital tuesday. holmes tried to hurt himself by ramming his head repeatedly into the wall of his jail cell. he was released from the hospital taken back to his cell
pass, 13 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area through livermore. drive times traveling towards novato north 101 from san rafael, going to the mall under 10 minute drive, 880 newpark mall, good dive there. 80 eastbound towards fairfield outlets is looking good. >>> 5:20. next, the christmas holiday season kicks into gear big tree lighting tonight in san francisco. >> we'll tell you which olympic great will be celebrating holiday season tonight in downtown san jose. that's "america's money." i'm rob nelson. >>> 5:23 on black friday. bundle up if you have plans to buy that tv or whatever else. >>> good morning. upper 60s to low 70s, [ unintelligible ] mid 60s around half moon bay to low 60s for most of the coast today. let's look at what is going on if you are traveling today, we are going to see temperatures, highs 36 in chicago, 29 minneapolis, 23 in fargo, rest of us in the 50s and 60s, new orleans at 76, phoenix 84. all major airports are on time. safe travels. >>> good morning. light traffic headed out this black friday morning, live look at san mateo bridge, headlights towar
northbound some of your drive times this morning altamont pass into dublin pleasanton, highway 4 westbound and 880 southbound past the airport and on to 238. >>> 6:40. >>> mitt romney makes it to the white house today. the meeting takes place between president obama and his former republican challenger. >>> trading underway on wall street now. here's a live look at the big board, the dow is up 48 points. investors closely monitoring lawmakers as they try to avert that fiscal cliff. you can see the dow up possibly optimism with secretary geithner meeting with senate leaders today. we give live to the new york stock ex >>> good thursday morning i'm meteorologist lisa argen. starting out with live doppler, wet roads in the north bay from cloverdale to clear lake it is very light rain but the showers are around from fremont into the south bay we are looking at very light returns this will be the case throughout much of the day today as we wait in anticipation for this next stronger storm system to head our way it to bring more rain, gusty winds and it will last through the overnight hours into
pass to dublin pleasanton, 24 stall or solo spin-out central lafayette westbound these your east shore commute. >>> one san francisco neighborhood waking up to no power because of the storm lightning knocked out five pg&e transformers in nowee valley overnight. crews working hard to get everybody back on 100 customers were affected in the area of 24th street and hoffman avenue. crews are working to replace those blown transformers. residents say they heard a loud explosion when lightning hit 1:00. crews have been able to replace one transformer and restore service to some it may take several more hours to get everybody else back online. >>> aggressive snow-making operation helped mammoth open yesterday visitors were greeted with snow flurries mixed with nature made stuff. further north in the tahoe area it is cold and new snow is falling again months have been fired up, several resources that opened for a few days last month are hoping to open for good in the coming days. >>> right now in the south bay hundreds are waiting in line to get tree food in time for the holidays. -- to get fr
and pleasanton and dublin are about to get wet. blue and light green and heavier rain is out over the ocean but heading our way and most of our neighborhoods by about 7:00. in fact, we have rain becoming showers and heavier showers around the bay by 7:00. temperatures will be hang out to low 60s today. light rain and heavier rain as we head towards 7:00 and heavy rain rain at the coast and lighter around noon and 4:00 and heavier again around 7:00. >> kristen: thanks so much. the rain is certain lay big concern in daly city. amy hollyfield joins us live from the neighborhood to find a wall of mud. they have done a lot of prep work. >> they 6. there is a light rain falling right now. they know it is coming this weekend. they want people to be vigilant and if they see any trouble to give them a call right away. city officials have spent the last couple of days preparing the park and hillside for this storm. park is now surrounded by hay bales and netting also borders the problem area. they have uncovered the storm drain in the middle of the park. >> what we're trying to do is let the water th
castro valley, dublin, pleasanton and several other cities. >> thank you, marianne. >>> we stay in the east bay but move over to oakland for the at-large seat for city council. right now, 42% of the precincts in. kaplan has a lead. hoping to use this as a way to move himself toward a mayoral run in the future. >> one of the most notable politicians in the east bay. this would be an upset for his supporters. let's bring in monty francis who joins us in oakland. you talked to both candidates in the last hour. what's the latest there? >> reporter: that's right. rebecca kaplan says she's confident to keep her spot on the city council. with half of the precincts reporting. because oakland has rank choice voting, she has to get 50% plus one vote to win in the first roun round. he says he's not ready to concede the race. but if he loses, he says it won't be the end of his public life in oakland. >> i served 20 years. we transformed the district and it's a better place. i'm good. i feel good. i'm going to continue working in oakland. >> we're well ahead in returns so far. we're continui
and over the altamont pass, a little heavy moderate as you head to the dublin pleasanton area. free app you can download it to see what your commute looks like on the app store and google play. >>> 6:11. black friday will be black thursday for wal-mart shoppers. d at 8:00 í'ph=nl0 thanksgiving night two hours earlier than last year plans on staggering promotions to avoid the rush and chaos that has frustrated shoppers in previous years. sears also plans to open at 8 p.m. thanksgiving night, best buy will open at midnight. >>> if you are traveling instead of shopping for thanksgiving expect airports and planes to be more crowded. a trade group says 24 million are expected to fly between friday november 16th and tuesday november 27th. 150,000 more people than last year. planes are expected to be 90% full on some of those days. fewer planes are flying because of skyrocketing fuel prices. >> californians said no to labels for genetically engineered food. the reason backers of prop 37 say that is not the last you will hear from them. >> are service warranties worth the money? michael finney loo
into the dublin pleasanton area a little slow through pleasanton. tonight another embarcadero road closure northbound due to roadwork until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning, we'll check that tomorrow morning. traffic app, 101 through mountain view on the peninsula, little bit of heavy traffic if you are taking caltrain this is way to navigate to the detail train station via your waze app, it is neat, it is free. >>> ahead, five things to know before you go, including contract negotiations resuming between striking workers and a northern california grocery chain with many bay area stores. >>> >>> live look outside at the bay bridge traffic light due to veterans day observance weather chilly mike will have a last look at your forecast coming up. >>> here are five things to know before you go: number one, striking workers at raley's and nob hill super hard kits say they are glad to hear talks -- supermarkets say they are glad to hear talks have resumed. >> number two, member of congress demanding answers about the fbi investigation into the resignation of cia director petraeus after he revealed he had
rain on the way. >> so far, so good across the golden gate. getting busy across the dublin- pleasanton area. this is a live look near 580 and 680. coming up much more "timesaver traffic." >>> 4:55 now. the nfl players union reportedly wants independent concussion specialists to be on the sidelines of every nfl game. it comes after four more players suffered concussions this past sunday including 49er quarterback alex smith. he left the game against st. louis shortly after experiencing blurred vision. smith must be medically cleared to be play monday. he said to be seeking a second opinion on his condition. >>> more than 150 pg&e employees who went to work in new york after super storm sandy are set to return to sacramento this afternoon. they helped to restore power to more than 23,000 con ed customers in queens, brooklyn and manhattan over the last two weeks. another group of pg&e employees sent to new york is set to return home on friday. >>> a young kansas city girl is teaching about giving. she is only 4. catherine shell was worried about all the kids impacted by superstorm sandy.
, showing 580 out of the central valley it is jammed altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton area, otherwise slow out of antioch. you can get in app if you can find it -- there it is, at the abc 7 app store. >>> ahead, five things to know before you go, including an announcement from nancy pelosi on whether she is staying on as house minority >>> good morning it is 6:54. beautiful shot from north bay, down towards the bay there, beautiful clouds, sunrise in the east, mike will have more in the forecast coming up. >>> here are five things to know before you go: number one, san francisco officials just announced the third and fourth floors of city hall will not reopen until power is restored this afternoon. the building is running on generator power after a fire in an electrical panel last night. that fire caused sprinklers to spray water in part of the basement. >> number two, crews will continue shoring up a daly city hillside with hay and sandbags they cleaned up the muddy mess left from a pipe that ruptured yesterday, people are worried that weekend rain could cause the mud to f
for palo alto tomorrow. pacifica only 61. rain for you. rain for concord, 63. dublin-pleasanton lower 60s. mill valley 61. downtown san francisco 62 degrees. so rain gets here tonight. we'll be soggy into sunday afternoon. clearing out a bit for the shortened workweek next week. monday, tuesday dry. showers back the day before thanksgiving. and yes, thanksgiving is now on the extended forecast. mid-60s with partly sunny skies. roberta gonzales is somewhere where earlier this week, roberta, they had a mud slide without any rain. >> reporter: take a good look at this because this right here this is the only piece of machinery that's left from daly city workers who have feverishly been working around the although to be shore up this neighborhood. let me tale take you back. it was early tuesday morning when a main water break sent 45,000 gallons of water mixed with sand and mud slides into this daly city neighborhood. coming up at 6:00 i went ahead and took to the streets to this neighborhood. i walked up and down this road here. i found a neighborsays he is still scared. another mud slide co
time when the lance will reopen. dublin and pleasanton the 58680 interchange westbound direction is currently blocked because there is an off ramp lange the was created around that section. some cars are squeezing by. this is an overturned tractor trailer. you would imagine how long that would take to clear. yellow on your screen 10 minutes ago i saw red on your screen north bounds 680 approaching that scene. later on today we will see backups westbound 580 is already a tough commute. would not be surprised to see back up or delays in to tracy. we have a wind advisory at the car came this bridge drive with extra caution. no accidents at the bay bridge toll plaza not too many cars on the span pr. >> south bound 101 the golden gate bridge looks good. on the road with sensors i did see some red approaching the richmond san rafael bridge. i did not see any accidents, but again allow yourself extra . >> that weather causing power outages this morning erica. here are the numbers you receive from pg&e. thousands across the county would love this morning in the dark. in saratoga 2000 peo
minutes into the dublin pleasanton area westbound 80 red top a big rig tire blocking lanes some cars have hit it they've pulled off to the side expect minor slowing past red top road in the fairfield area. >>> 5:35. >>> we are just now getting october jobs report. the labor department says the unemployment rate went up to 7.9%, the economy added 171,000 jobs. the rate was 7.8 now it has gone up a 10th of a percent this last month. >> we'll see what effect this has on the election come tuesday. more on this, -- coming up. >>> pointing fingers, east bay school district blaming a molestation victim. why they say she brought it on herself. >>> looming strike that could give bay area shoppers one less place to buy groceries. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. with snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. and now when you buy two 40-count bags, instantly get a fr
slow up and over the altamont pass 25 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area all mass transit on time, our waze app is showing traffic on the east shore freeway heavy, can't see the map but there we go there's waze moderate traffic westbound through berkeley download this app, get around some of these jams on the app store or google play and it is free. >>> the polls open less than 30 minutes in california. while the golden state is likely to stay blue today in the race for president other states that could decide the election are up for grabs. katie marzullo joins us with a look at electoral map. >> reporter: this is how the map looks now assuming blue states go blue and red states go red. you can see who has more electoral votes. the yellow votes are the battleground states. ohio and florida two of the more hotly contested states. let's see what happens when we give both states to president obama he still comes up five votes short of the 270 he needs. new hampshire is if the going to do it with four. he is going to need at least nevada or iowa with their six votes to give him the wi
things pick up towards dublin pleasanton no major stalls or accidents on your 580 westbound commute. 880 northbound -- >>> wall street probably will be quiet today. we have serious financial trouble for major motorcycle manufacturer. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. >>> good morning. suzuki motor will continue to sell motorcycles, atv's and boat motors. if you are asked debit or credit you might want to think twice before deciding on debit, account numbers and pins are sought after by thieves because they can be used to get quash back. bans are not obligate -- get cash back. banks are not obligated to -- heading to -- [ unintelligible ] . >>> land police giving a group of volunteers a big thank you. the police chief joined more than 100 roll tears for a special ceremony last night recognizing their time and says. 88-year-old charles johnson has volunteered in the department since 1992 among their duties they help the department make calls for investigations. they also help maintain the department's facebook page. the chief says the volunteers help is invaluable. >>
into the dublin pleasanton area 25 minute ride. >>> the country is waking to another four years with president obama as commander in chief. next we go live to chicago for more of last night's victory speech from the president. and what mitt romney says he will be praying about. >>> first, a look at some of the results from south bacon tests: >> president obama secure add easy electoral college victory with decisive wins in swing states like virginia, ohio and colorado. nationally, the popular vote is much closer. here's the overall national vote. president obama does have more, 50%, mitt romney 48% of the vote. t.j. winick joins us from chicago. >> reporter: good morning. in the end it was a series of narrow state win fast gave the president a decisive victory. president obama won a second term tuesday, after a race that was primarily fought in a handful of battleground states. >> the president: you, the american people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long. we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts, that for t
. drive out of the central valley is slowing a bit not bad once you head to the altamont pass dublin pleasanton area broadway tunnel closed for cleaning until 6:00 detour in place on pacific avenue to get around that. bay bridge toll, metering lights off, stall by treasure island off-ramp there blocking left lane crews on their way to get that out of there. >>> good morning. 5:19. live doppler tracking the rain up to the north you can see it moving into crescent city and eureka on 101, we have moderate showers within this rain that is going to head our way after the morning commute. for the rest of the day, be prepared for wet weather. this morning it is cooler and windy. a little wind chill,. upper 40s in santa rosa, napa, fairfield, low to mid 50s for the rest of us. monterey bay and inland low to upper 50s. breezy, showers today and tomorrow, thunder possible tonight small hail that will extent into friday's forecast. chilly mornings sunday and -- extend into friday's forecast. let's talk about today temperatures keep tumbling, one degree cooler in oakland. concord 10° cooler. as
to novato 680 to the dublin pleasanton junction under 20 minutes nimitz freeway towards 23815 minutes from the maze. >>> judge judy is the toughest talking judge on daytime television today she holds court on katie she admits to being technologicalally challenged and never -- uses a computer. >> they said how can you have a website? i said i can talk and somebody else can do it. i learned how to do the ipad which is friendly to a brain like mine. but i've never in myselfy years turned on a computer. >> is that like an good or wow! >> and i'm alive >> that's judge judy on katie at 3 p.m. right here on abc7. >> almost unbelievable. >>> this week you will see impressive show in the sky. when and where you can see a spectacular meteor shower. >>> rare items that fetched big bucks this weekend in a beverly hills auction. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> welcome back. beautiful picture from emeryville clear air this morning from vollmer peak back
into the dublin pleasanton area "sig alert" in the ben lomond area santa cruz mountains highway 9 closed between upper and lower glen arbor accident has wires down in the road, outage in the area as well. debris north 101 shoreline boulevard cleared still slow there with cars with flat tires on the side of the road construction northbound 101 at kehoe through san mateo. a look at your waze app, 580 accident towards mountain house parkway slow traffic there with your traffic spotters this free app can help you navigate around accidents and jams. did i mention it is free? >> we have breaking news. daly city, right now water main break shutting down streets and flooding cars. that is in daly city's hillside park area. reports there's mud coming down the hill and questions raised over whether that water is coming from a reservoir nearby. there is some sort of flooding reported due to some possible water main break. we are getting more information we'll have more coming up with a crew headed out there later. >>> 5:11. can you get the best bargains on black friday? depends on what you are looking for.
drive from the altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton interchange you can download this app it is free on the app store for apple and google play. >>> 6:21. >>> big announcement that giants fans and buster posey are waiting for today. >>> imagine giving birth to three babies all at a normal weight. the one thing this mom said she did to make sure her triplets came out healthy and the other thing she said --: >>> breezy at 7:00, 55 and stray shower possible head over to berkeley, starting off with just a few clouds, quiet weather and 50, low to mid 60s this afternoon and mainly cloudy and about 60 at 7:00, our last stop down to the south bay, campbell where we are starting off with just a little bit of cloud cover this morning, temperature hanging around 46°, mid 60s in afternoon, stray shower this evening at 59. >>> 6:25, that crab craving of yours, should be answered by dinnertime tonight. fishermen will be bringing the first haul in later today unlike last year there won't be a repeat of the price dispute. this year it was quickly decided $3 a pound for you it translates into about
. you will get some rain tonight early tomorrow. pleasant hill 61. dublin-pleasanton, livermore, the tri-valley low 60s. kentfield 59. daly city 60 degrees with rain likely especially tomorrow morning. things begin to clear out sunday afternoon. monday and tuesday we grab a couple of dry days for the short workweek. showers back on wednesday and right now, as you're eating that turkey or whatever you eat on thanksgiving, maybe some crab, look at mid-60s with scattered showers. speaking of the holidays, we have roberta roberta out with a big countdown on a sign that san francisco is ready to celebrate with roberta gonzales. >> reporter: it's the 26th annual of the lighting. embarcadero center. we are ready for the official countdown. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. whoo! ,, with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just p
of the central valley still a good ride from tracy up and over the altamont pass into dublin pleasanton area through livermore under 15 minutes from the altamont, southbound 80 at 98 big rig stalled sensors green, no problems. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit checkinging in on schedule this morning, no -- checking in on schedule this morning water main break brewster at warren with flooding there and the police department is asking that you avoid that area. >>> 5:23. >>> next, ancient california history ripped from the side of a mountain. what some say is the worst act of vandalism they've ever seen. >>> oprah is hot on microsoft's new surface tablet why her tweet recommending it is raising a few eyebrows. >> lauren survived a devastating accident you won't believe how far she has come. juliana battled breast cancer and the doubts she would have the baby she dreamed off. we'll talk about her happy ending what these women are >>> live doppler will have all those areas covered a few drops around san francisco, embarcadero center or the embarcadero excuse me, you could see the light green
at the limit, no problems as you make your way towards the dublin pleasanton area. live look at san jose 280 also light, snaking northbound under the 17 overcrossing towards cupertino, fashion park busy there as well. accident pardon me a stall southbound 101 blocking lakeville highway off-ramps, sensors northbound cotati grade slow towards rohnert park. >>> the lay night fire in the south bay that injured a firefighter -- the late night fire in the south bay that injured a firefighter. >> first, a white house thanksgiving the celebration taking place for the first lady and the holiday -- >>> minneapolis 29 today, i was looking at duluth, minnesota, record high of 52 yesterday, 19 new with 2004 inches of snow, if you are heading that way, in the 50s and 60s on the eastern seaboard as warp as it is going to get the next couple of days -- as warm as it going to get the next couple of days. all major airports on time with a little light rain off to the east coast, nothing through our connecting terminals and back here at home with a clear sky, nothing to worry about, let's turn it over to eric.
transit on time. drive times heading out now over the altamont sluggish towards dublin pleasanton out of antioch. there's your east shore freeway. the good news, bay bridge all clear. >>> abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." >> we are always on at have a great day. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >>> good morning, america. happening now, a snowy and slippery commute this morning across the northeast. from cincinnati to philadelphia and boston, as the bitter big chill slams the midwest. temps in
pick up towards the dublin pleasanton interchange. westbound and eastbound treasure island on and off-ramps closed due to police activity, possibly by 6:30 they should have ramps open that is right now the current eto we are looking at. right now on the upper deck, no problems into san francisco, no delays behind the toll plaza. jacqueline between north milpitas and arizona in milpitas remains closed, also due to police activity. please avoid the area. >>> new medical recommendation says, american teenagers should have easier access to emergency conception. suggesting doctors should write prescriptions for drugs like plan b for sexually active teens before they need them. currently emergency birth control is only available with a prescription for girls under 17 in most states. girls 17 and over can already get emergency birth control over-the-counter. >>> new study says repeated job loss may damage your heart. researchers at duke university examined more than 13,000 men and women between the ages of 51 and 75, they found the unemployed were 35% more likely to have a heart attack than
near the dublin pleasanton interchange slow out of antioch towards pittsburg. stalled big rig west 92 in san mateo at hillsdale blocking service lane from the left. -- blocking second lane from the left. >>> we'll continue to stay on storm watch, heaviest stuff coming in the next hour or so. >>> ahead, late night hit-and-run involving several cars in san francisco. >>> trading underway, investors monitoring ongoing talks about the fiscal cliff. dow down 55 points. we go to jane king >>> good wednesday morning. the rain has been heaviest in the north bay, wind gusts along the coast into the south bay, that's why we have a wind advisory for the entire bay area and also a wind warning along the coast. winds have been in excess of 40 miles an hour. here's live doppler 7 hd with the yellows from the north bay offshore to around point rays and inverness as we head east richmond and kensington, light rain into san francisco, look what is coming your way within the next half hour, 15 minutes, you are getting wet, pescadero looking at wet weather here are the winds, we are just getting going h
. good news that accident getting cleared. the dublin pleasanton interchange big rig blocking all lanes there westbound due to accident also fuel spill crews are trying to get that cleaned up bart your best idea there for commuting westbound 580 westbound direction mudslide in cotati grade is cleared accident peninsula north 101 before whipple eastbound 80 vallejo at tennessee accident+u blocking left lane two problems oakland northbound 880 at 23rd injury accident northbound at high with stall in lane three that commute is a rough one northbound 680 first reports of an accident there with flooding and ponding northbound 680 at olympic. standing water the culprit as are the high winds take it easy folks. >>> starbucks and appear pep are -- starbucks and apple are joining us forces on world aids day to help fight disease for every handcrafted drink it sells tomorrow, starbucks will give five cents to the global fund of the red foundation, partnering with apple by offering $30 itunes gift card online, 5% of those proceeds will be donated to red. >>> we are hearing about a new york city po
that real bottleneck is through the dublin-pleasanton area. more reports of downtown wires downed trees in fact all lanes are blocked in both directions of 84 in woodside between grandview and 35. we have wind advisories on about every bridge in the bay area including across the golden gate bridge. you can see conditions are slick. and yeah we just got lots of reports of different spinouts, ponding in lanes and windy conditions, as well. you can see it a little earlier in our 880 camera. usually when the winds pick this up camera rocks back and forth. you can see it there. north- and southbound 880 so far at the limit. in the north bay where the rain has been falling the hardest cotati mud slide approaching northbound 101 approaching railroad avenue. so we are going to continue to let you know about mass transit all throughout the morning. so far no delays. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> right now flooding has shut down parts of the great highway in san francisco. >> cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran live at ocean beach where the rain is coming down. take it away, cate.
towards the dublin interchange. drive time is up to 20 minutes through the altamont pass and pleasanton. so it's slow and go from 205 from tracy to livermore and vasco road. things closer to the dublin- pleasanton area. things are also improving a bit for bart. earlier they were dealing with major delays. now they are down to 15- to 20- minute delays just out of that south san francisco station. so it's in the pittsburg-bay point and the sfo direction. there was an equipment problem on the tracks. so just a heads up. they are working to clear that now. these are just kind of residual delays. elsewhere, if you are commuting along the peninsula if you have a flight to catch by sfo, the drive on 101 actually doesn't look too bad. this is close to candlestick. 280 is moving at the limit. and a quick look at the south bay where various on- and off- ramps are still blocked off on 880. but otherwise, your drive times are still moving at the limit in the green. and along the peninsula, similar story on 101, 280 and highway 92. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." traffic and weather tog
into the dublin- pleasanton area. let's go to our maps check the drive time. we have brake lights as far back as the altamont pass. it just is slow and go as we like to say from 205 out of tracecy through livermore. no issues for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. everything on schedule. you may want to use bart, by the way, planning on heading to the cal game later on tonight. they play university of washington at 6 p.m. so officials sent out an alert. they are expecting heavy traffic all the way on city streets in berkeley and coming down the eastshore freeway, westbound 80. so once again, use bart. that's your best option. otherwise, golden gate bridge traffic looks good all your bridges pretty much problem- free at this hour and we just got word that they were able to fix those defective traffic lights that were causing issues on doyle drive in the marina boulevard approach. they for a while had to do some traffic control in the area. now everything is back to normal. and things look good for your marin county drive into san francisco. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." traf
. livermore 59. 60 for sunnyvale, campbell, south of los gatos, union city 59. upper 50s for pittsburg, dublin- pleasanton topping out at 60 tomorrow. mid-50s bodega bay, upper 50s santa rosa, down to the mid-30s tonight in santa rosa. here's your extended forecast. milder for veterans day mainly sunny low 60s. back up to the mid-60s for monday and tuesday. wednesday we now stay dry. next thursday showers are back. sew we'll be chilly but the next five days will be mainly dry. it was not dry in one part of the bay area today. guess what. it snowed. roberta gonzales has more. >> reporter: official sun-up at 6:42 and chopper 5 was high in the sky and yes, paul, guess what chopper 5 found as it skimmed across portions of the east bay and headed to mount diablo and a light dusting of snow fell in the overnight hours and in the very wee hours of the morning light snow. in fact, on an annual basis, mount diablo does receive 1.2" of snow. but in a very rare event. we have to take you back to december 7 of 2009, 18" of snow fell in one day. in fact, i remember that so well. this mountain was just load
right now from tracy to 680. it's about a half hour from the altamont pass towards dublin- pleasanton. also slow highway 4 usually slow this time of the morning and actually we're seeing brake lights through the pittsburg- bay point area now. silicon valley commute we just started to see a few slowdowns there leaving milpitas heading towards san jose. at 880 and 237. that's "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >>> the founder of the antivirus company who is hiding from police in belize is getting help. john mcafee is a person of interest in the homicide investigation of one of his neighbors that country. he has been on the run since the weekend. he told the associated press he is innocent and he has a young woman now helping him stay one step ahead of the police who he says want to kill him. police say they just want to talk to him. >>> hearings are set to begin today regard, the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. general david petraeus is set to testify tomorrow even though he resigned from the cia. meanwhile the benghazi attack may affect a potential nominee to replace hillary
down in dublin, pleasanton, livermore. more coming up. >> look how wet it is for the start of the morning drive. here's three traffic cameras. two separate traffic alerts. more new flooding reports coming in and an overturn accident along the peninsula. more on all that coming up. >> thank you. >>> well, san francisco 49ers coach jim harbaugh is on schedule to hold his regular wednesday news conference today. that's after his regularly scheduled conference call with reporters yesterday was canceled at the last minute. he was due to see the doctor to follow up on the heart procedure he had last week. harbaugh gave no indication yesterday that there's anything to be concerned about. >>> jeff tedford era over at cal. he was fired after 11 seasons as the head football coach of the golden bears. he won a school record 82 games and share of the conference title but ended up with a mediocre run. the bears lost the final five games this season finishing with a 3-9 record. cbs 5 has learned former raiders head coach hue jackson could be his replacement. he is now working with the ci
between the altamont pass and dublin-pleasanton. so here's some other drive times across the east bay. obviously a lot of people are off work today. black friday holiday "friday light" so everything is good coming down the eastshore freeway. 880 the nimitz and 24 through the caldecott tunnel. a lot of mass transit is on a holiday schedule. we'll talk more about that coming up. in the meantime a check of the forecast with lawrence on that. >> it was hard to talk michelle into going shopping today. michelle, do you want to go shopping? okay. [ laughter ] >> she was ready to go. >>> out the door, a little chilly in spots early on. we are seeing patchy ground fog developing in the napa valley. high pressure overhead looks like the rain line will stay well to the north probably through the weekend so looks like some great weather ahead today. temperatures a little cold to begin with in some of the valleys, down to the upper 30s in the napa valley right now. 41 degrees in santa rosa, 44 in san jose. and 54 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we are enjoying some sunshine and these tem
this morning through the dublin-pleasanton area. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> and that was music for brian. >> here i am to tell you that elizabeth is right. there's less fog this morning than yesterday morning. out the door, the numbers are a little bit mild. proceedings are only from the mid-40s to the mid-50s. and so that's not so bad. but this is all the calm before the storm. the storm arriving about 26 hours from now in the bay area. and gale warnings are already posted for the offshore waters. the blue that you see there refers to wind advisories that will be hoisted in the bay area tonight. offshore wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour and over the altamont pass and pacheco pass and through the hills, it's going to be windy the north bay, santa cruz mountains, all of that that's tomorrow because of this low pressure that's out in the eastern pacific is going to be heading toward the bay area. that's a warm direction so it's not going to be this -- this first go is not a cold storm. we get clouds, wind and rain. this is a model of what's going to happen over th
the livermore valley all the way towards the dublin- pleasanton area. but again, at last check, that drive time was 30 minutes and growing. but we know it's even bigger than that now. traffic essentially at a standstill. here's a live look at the nimitz. north- and southbound 880 approaching the oakland coliseum. so far, so good. our cameras have been rocking and rolling so we know it is windy out there. downed wires, trees in the woodside area, california 84 shut down both directions between grandview and highway 35. moderate traffic across the golden gate bridge. once again, wind advisories in effect. use mass transit. bart's been running like clockwork this morning. all trains on time. that's a check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes here on cbs 5. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> that storm has been dumping on marin county all night. no one knows that more than cbs 5 reporter anne makovec, in mill valley where there's plenty of local flooding this morning. anne, how are you doing. >> reporter: well, i'm all right. i'm definitely wet. but no real drama up here yet. the prob
to the corridor, looking out to livermore, dublin and pleasanton and some of the current temperatures have been dropping very rapidly. in fact at this hour, 39 degrees in santa rosa after a high today of only 62. and it's 51 in san francisco after a high of only 56. and typically we should be at 65. notice the numbers into the 40s from river more into oakland to redwood city. in fact how cold will it be? dipping down to the freezing point in santa row sea. the north bay valleys will get even colder than this into the upper 20s. otherwise near freezing in fairfield and vacaville. low 40s across the valley and 46 degrees up and down the peninsula. coastside also in the 40s. where you see the areas highlighted in blue, that means we have a frost advisory in effect overnight until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. in the north bay you will certainly wake up to a little frost on the grass. protect your plants and your pets. this area of low pressure is now finally kicking out. you saw a lot of the cumulus clouds associated with it earlier today. now we have the cold air from the north sinking in with the
busy towards the dublin interchange. this is a live look through pleasanton westbound 580, 15 minutes from the altamont pass towards dublin. a problem now cleared southbound 680 approaching washington boulevard. no longer an accident there. it looks free and clear down southbound 680. doing some lane changes right now across the golden gate bridge. that's what all the flashing lights are for on southbound 101, a smooth ride, nothing going on right now. so mass transit a little later in the commute might be a great idea. so far everything is on time. that's your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> police in bangladesh have arrested three officials after a fire killed 112 people. they are accused of locking doors to keep people from escaping. garments and documents left behind in the factory show it was used by some major american and european retailers. >>> protestors in egypt continue to vent their feelings about the country's new president. this is a live look in tahrir square. you can see more than 200,000 people have passed the square. they have been there sinc
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